I. Howard Marshall (1934-2015)

Professor I. Howard Marshall died peacefully at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, on Saturday, 12 December 2015. Howard had a long, happy, and fruitful association with SETS. His gentle wisdom, careful scholarship, and practical faith touched the lives of many in significant ways.

Howard Marshall

SETS Chairman, Fergus Macdonald, writes:

I’ve known Howard since we were students, he in Aberdeen and I in Edinburgh. We met frequently through IVF (now UCCF) conferences and missions. Our friendship continued and grew over the years mainly through SETS and Bible Society. My last meeting with Howard was in August during the Edinburgh Festival when we unexpectedly met on the street. He served as President of SETS from 1990 to 2011 during which time he regularly attended the SETS annual conference where he was a frequent speaker. Howard’s sterling biblical scholarship and his deep faith impacted generations of students at Aberdeen and were greatly appreciated to those who heard him speak in a wide range of countries. He made an enormous contribution to New Testament scholarship and will be sadly missed.

Rose Dowsett, Committee member and former SETS Secretary, shares this personal reminiscence:

Howard was one of the post WWII generation who helped establish evangelical scholarship and academic credibility in the UK, including helping take Tyndale House from a supportive centre for theological undergraduates (so badly needed in the 1950s and 1960s) and evangelical ministerial students (when rather few parish ministers were evangelical) on the long journey to high level scholarship and world renown that it is today. Dick and I were undergraduates and then IVF/UCCF staff 1962-69, and though way down in the south and Midlands of England, were frequently blessed by Howard’s ministry. Encouraging students was very much on his heart, for decades, and there must be many around the world today whose faith, and love of Scripture, owes much under God to him.

A thanksgiving memorial service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday 16 January, 2016 in the Crown Terrace Methodist Church, 8 Crown Terrace, Aberdeen AB11 6HE.

Among the many places Howard published included the SETS journal, the Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology. We link here some highlights, although there were numerous shorter pieces and reviews as well:

  • I. Howard Marshall, “Preaching from the New Testament” (Finlayson Lecture), Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 9.2 (1991): 104-117
  • I. Howard Marshall, “Worshipping Biblically”, Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 20.2 (2002): 146-161
  • I. Howard Marshall, “Some Thoughts on Hermeneutics Arising from the Psalms”, Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 26.2 (2008): 151-169

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