2012 Annual Conference

Scotland from satellite; Photo: ESA As this announcement goes online, Alex Salmond and the Press are ensuring that the issue of Scotland possibly becoming an independent nation is never far from view. It will also become an important issue for Christians in Scotland to think through carefully and from a biblical framework. We may not all reach the same conclusions, but we and our congregations need to be wise and not just emotional.

The upcoming SETS conference, to be held April 16-17 at International Christian College, Glasgow, will follow the theme: A Godly Commonwealth? The Gospel and Scottish Identity.

Dewi Hughes will give the Finlayson Lecture addressing the theme of ethnicity and culture in the family of God. Dewi is the retiring theological adviser for Tearfund UK, and the author of several books, including Castrating Culture, which argues for the importance of small language and culture groups being able to preserve their own identity. This will be a provocative evening!

Other speakers include Jamie Grant (“A Biblical Basis of Nationhood”), David Fergusson (“Christian Scotland: A Theological-Historical Overview”); Douglas Gay (“Is a Christian Vision of Scottish Identity Viable in the Early 21st Century?”); and Angus Morrison (“Christian Witness in Postmodern Scotland”).

Full details are available in the 2012 Conference brochure. (To download PDF from that link, click on "File", then "Download original".)