Howard Taylor memorial service

Members and friends of SETS will have been saddened to learn of the death of Howard Taylor in February at the age of 68 of multiple system atrophy (MSA). Rev Dr Alistair Donald, who succeeded Howard as Chaplain of Heriot-Watt University, notes the impact Howard had in this role from the time he took up in 1998:

Howard Taylor

He saw the Chaplaincy Centre become what it still is today: the main multi-cultural meeting place on campus. Howard taught two degree modules, including philosophy of science and religion, which in 2001 and 2002 won a $12,000 award from the Templeton Foundation at the Centre for Theology and the Natural Sciences in Berkeley, California.

During this time he continued to teach at International Christian College and was invited several times to teach at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in China, focusing on the interface between science, philosophy and religion.

Howard had a rare combination of a first-class mind and a warm-hearted generosity of spirit and kindness in his personal dealings. As his successor at Heriot-Watt, I can testify to his having been hugely respected across the University, doing much to establish the chaplaincy as having a valuable role in a largely science-based educational environment.

Howard made a number of contributions to the Society’s Bulletin, and participated in SETS conferences over the years.

An appreciative memorial appeared as an obituary in the The Herald.

SETS members and friends are welcome to share in the memorial service for Howard Taylor that will be held on Friday 24th May at 12 noon in the Heriot-Watt Chaplaincy. The brief service will be followed by refreshments; please RSVP to the Chaplaincy secretary, Tillie Boulogne (0131 451 4508 or, if you plan to attend so that catering can be arranged.

Parking is available at the campus in Car Parks A, B and C, accessed from the main avenue on entering the campus. Please note however that it is a ten minute walk to the Chaplaincy (probably best ask at the main reception to the campus for directions). Disabled persons can be driven right up to the Chaplaincy door (accessed via ‘Gait 4’, off Boundary Road North), but there will be no actual parking spaces there.

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