Online 2020 AGM and mini-conference

Our Spring conference had to be cancelled, with so much else in community life, with the pandemic restrictions put in place last March. As restrictions to social gatherings continue, SETS is moving some activity online.

The Annual Meeting will be held on on Tuesday 29th September, 2:00-3:45 p.m. Members should watch for notice of how to join this meeting, and this page will be updated as details become available. (Members should already have received an email with some advance notice and paperwork.)

Our Annual Meeting will be followed by an address by Andrew Rollinson, one of our intended speakers for our postponed April conference. Andrew has continued to reflect through the pandemic on ‘In whose image are our congregations being shaped? Power, leadership and Christian nurture.’ Andrew will speak for around 20 minutes, and we’ll then have time to discuss and comment on his input.

Andrew is well-known to many of us as a SETS member. He has pastoral experience of Uganda and USA, as well as the UK. After training at Spurgeon’s College, he served congregations in Newcastle and Edinburgh, and was Ministry Advisor of the Baptist Union of Scotland from 2003 to 2011. He recently retired as senior pastor of St Andrews Baptist Church, and now lives in Selkirk.

~ Mike Parker, SETS Chairman

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