Online SETS “Conversation” — Monday 2 November

Deferred from our AGM a few weeks ago, Andrew Rollinson will be leading off a conversation around the question: “In whose image are our churches being formed?”, unpacking that in terms of theological, pastoral and practical reflections on church life and growth.

SETS members will already have received details of how to join the conversation via Zoom on Monday 2 November, from 14:00–15:30 GMT. Jenny Stirling and Alasdair Black will respond, and we’ll then have time to talk about their insights and questions.

I’m hoping some guests from like-minded networks will join us too. There is no need to be a SETS member to participate, then. If you would like details to join in, please contact the SETS Secretary, Gavin Smith:

Looking forward to seeing you again on Monday,

Mike Parker
SETS Chairman

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